Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music to My Ears, Sort of.

The willow trees are covered in tiny little chartreuse leaves.

Some friends came out to the farm for lunch today (and they brought the lunch, too!). We walked the fields, watched baby goats frolic and cavort. The sheep tore down the pasture, were they hoping I was out to give them a midday snack? When they realized no alfalfa was forthcoming, they ventured to the upper field to enjoy green grass.

I noticed watercress growing in the stream.

The day was still a bit chilly, but the sun shone as we shared our dreams.

Guineas squawked. Geese honked. George gobbled and ducks quacked. Chickens cackled and I wondered who was singing lead and who the harmony.

There sure is a lot of noise on the farm when springtime comes along.

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