Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Lambs and Baby Goats are Good Medicine

Today as I drove in the driveway I saw the sheep and cows grazing in the west field. I had to laugh when I saw the kindergarten lambs on recess. The mothers were busy eating and the lambs all ran around together in circles. They would charge up the steep hill, leap in the air, cavort and twist, then tear back down, fast as they could go, all seven of them. Black long legs. Black long tails. Little white topknots on their cute little heads.

The little goat babies were in the preschool class. They climbed to the top of the manure pile in the barnyard, cavorted and twisted, then all ran back down again. They are so cute they look like living toys. Which I guess they are, at this point. What was the cutest moment? When it was snack time, all the babies ran to their mamas and tucked in for their drink of milk, little tails wagging merrily. Is there anything more precious?

I am thrilled to see Maggie kick back into goat milking mode. Since Angel only has one baby, she must be milked. Her mama was Mama Chevre, a sassy Alpine. She appears to have inherited Mama's good dairy line genes. Goat cheese, here we come! We will let the other goats give their milk to their babies for a time, then Maggie and Rose will be milking at least two more ladies. With the goat milk and Coco's milk, our fridge is once again full of jars of the white stuff. Must make butter.

Patrick got his cast off today. I think that spring must be here. We are getting quite busy with farm chores. That is a good thing.

PS Nora has graduated to chicken duties. She is seven and now old enough to feed them and gather eggs. Patrick assists with the watering, but she will handle that by herself soon enough.


NancyDe said...

Three out of my four lambs (small flock) were black with white topknots - very different from their moms.... Mine are just the local mix of katahdin/St. Croix/Barbados...

CountryDew said...

This is a lovely time of year. I enjoy watching the baby calves. Soon they will be joined by little fawns. So cute!