Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warm Hearts

We have had temperatures drop into the single digits at night and windy gusts up to 50 mph or so. Our water froze up at the well this morning.

My, how accustomed we are to turning on a faucet to enjoy water. The cold variety, the warm variety, it is all good.

When in a jam, I am thankful to have a corps of friends to call for advice. Larry suggested we try turning on all the faucets and pumps outside and in the barn.

No water.

He and Cam drove on over in the bitter cold and braved the elements, and with Patrick and Thomas learning as they went along, they reattached the spring water to the system. Before you know it, we could once again turn on faucets and expect to see something in return.

What a gift to have friends who are willing to drop everything to make sure we have water.

And not just us. With the hard blowing wind and cold temps, troughs freeze up and animals can get very dehydrated.

Well, we are in the teens outside and the wind still howls. We are hoping she can pause, at least for a few hours tonight to have a respite from the biting cold. I am going to continue the fireside vigil on the couch bed. Much easier to feed the fire through the night when it only takes three steps. I think I have just about decided to have the propane furnace repaired so we can have a source of backup heat.


You can bet I will be praying for those folks out there who do not have friends to help fix their water or provide them with firewood. May God provide for them in clever and creative ways. And may each of us be willing to be used as a source of help when those serendipitous opportunities arise, just like Larry and Cam did for our family today.

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Elizabeth said...

It is just starting to snow here. Ifeel the cold with you. I am so glad you have precious people around you who love and care for you so much. But who has known you and not loved you, Ginger? You are a gift.