Saturday, December 4, 2010


We have had a few snow showers, but this afternoon it is really coming down and looks like it might stick.

What a beautiful sight.

This morning, some gentlemen from our church came over to help me with household and farm tasks. They rewired a living room light, put washers in leaky faucets, put a barn door back on track, and helped the boys and me stack a lot of our firewood on the front porch and under the roof by the back door. It was only sputtering at us (the snow, that is) so the weather was perfect for a nice hard job made more simple with the addition of many hands.

What would we do if it were not for our dear community?

I am thankful for them.

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Chris said...

Bitter cold here, not much snow. So glad you have lots of firewood. Hope you are keeping warm. Thank heavens I have a load of wood coming; I'm going through firewood at a rapid rate. Baking seems like a good thing to be doing these days.