Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Normal Late Afternoon?

Yeay! The temperatures are rising. I believe our little valley reached 31 degrees today! The chickens are thrilled. Instead of huddling in a corner by the chicken house, feathers fluffed for insulation, they are scavenging across the farm.

I am trying to let the woodstove die out long enough to shovel out ashes before we start it up again for the night. All those ashes will be scattered across garden beds and the trees will continue to give to us, now in the form of nutrients for our soil.

Maggie is baking spelt brownies for the choir concert tonight. Rose is working on her piano lesson and it gives me pleasure to hear Christmas tunes float up the staircase. Nora and Patrick are chattering, Thomas is reading the Roanoke Times. The washer is washing, the dryer is drying, we are about to run outside to feed and water the animals and bring in the evening's ration of firewood.

Kinda feels normal. For the moment. Of course that isn't mentioning that I had to pick up a sick kid from school earlier today. And we lost Cornflower, one of Maggie's goats who bloated. She loved to get out of the fence and explore. Did she find and eat a toxic plant? The goats have all been dewormed and have been eating hay and browse...And we have to hurry and get chores done so we can take Rose to her concert this evening.

Of course, an occasional sick kid, animal losses, and running to school activities are a part of our normal life, so I will enjoy the 5 minutes of peace. Better run grab those ashes.

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