Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Days

Well, the weatherman and the moon were both accurate this time and we have been enjoying a beautiful snowfall. Yesterday morning was lovely and soft, big fat flakes descending. Things are much warmer now that the wind has blown on to other regions and that makes our living so much easier.

Kids are thrilled with the days off of school and have played in the snow. They had been enjoying ice skating on the pond, but now it is covered in snow so they are coming up with new things to do. I was proud of Patrick who got out the tractor, figured out how to attach the blade and cleared the driveway. Way easier than the way we did it last year, working together with shovels. Still thankful to Blue Ridge Diesel and the other folks who made it possible to get the tractor running. But there was one very very brief moment when I considered getting out there with the shovel for old times sake. Then I got back to work on inside chores, thankful for Patrick.

Time off from the bakery means tending to chores I have neglected for many months. Whoa. Unbelievable dirt, piled up papers, spiderwebs. I love organization, but have had to put it rather low on the priority list. Getting ready to decorate is good motivation to love on my house.

Organizing is occasionally painful work when in the middle of a grief year. I found a birthday card Philip bought me last year and forgot to give me. A couple of old love notes from dating years. Bittersweet.

This evening we are attempting to decorate for Christmas. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The kids trimmed the tree. We strung lights on the inside of the house. Rearranged the mantel. Listened to Christmas music and laughed, fussed and compromised. Mindy Smith's holiday album is my favorite accompaniment to the activities. Along with Andrew Peterson.

The snow probably won't stick around for too long, but we wouldn't mind if another storm dropped a foot or so more so we would be forced to stay home, cuddled together in the house. Seeing the kids play board games, laugh and come in from the cold outdoors with red cheeks makes me wish to hold them close for a long time.

But then again, they only have three more days of school left next week! I might be more than ready to wave them off next Monday so I can wrap presents in peace!

Well, I hope you are all having a nice moment in the middle of the hectic bustle. And for my comrades in grief, may we each find comfort and joy in the midst of our journey. I better go make some granola and make sure the kids keep the woodstove loaded.

PS Coco's udder is looking a bit more swollen. I wonder if we will have a baby within the next month? We are going to have to pull milk out of the freezer and as good as that is, it isn't anything like the fresh stuff!


Social Worker Continuing Education said...

Well done blog. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The snow must be beautiful. I would love to see the kids playing out in it. But it was 52 degrees at 8:30 pm here this evening and I was freezing. Your mom is a big baby when it comes to cold. Are you making snow ice cream? I do like that.
love y'all, Mom