Thursday, April 1, 2010

80 degrees???

We skimmed more cream this morning and Julie made more butter. (Thank you, Julie!) Kids played awfully hard in the stream.

Sunburned little faces make me thankful for spring.

Julie and Patrick worked out a new system for the chickens, getting ready for the garden season. We totally embrace the idea of free-range poultry, but every good therapist will tell you that boundaries are necessary in relationships, I suggest that would also apply to birds. Especially when it comes to gardens.

Chickens are great bug scavengers, but unfortunately, they also love a great salad to go with those bugs, starting with the spinach and ending with the tomatoes.

We are finally making the move to electric chicken wire. Will keep you posted on the new system.

The sheep showed us the week spots in our fence and gate and we worked on that a little today as well.

I drove Thomas to VT to an interview for kids with Aspergers Syndrome. He will be participating in a skills group with other peers. He is looking forward to the groups.

The two of us came home to the sight of Jason and Larry, tired and sweaty, standing next to the tractor shed which had been excavated and graded to make a new milking stanchion area. What a gift. We will be able to milk the two cows and two goats at a time, instead of taking turns like we have been doing. It will be more efficient, nice and clean, and we are excited about the new milking shed.

By the time Coco was milked, the floors swept and the counters cleaned, I was one tired and grumpy mom/farmer. I think I would probably be tired and grumpy, even if Philip were here, but Thursdays are extra sad for me.

Thankfully Julie was here to let me vent and to give me a hug and have a wrap up the day chat.

The weather is amazing. I hope the garden is about dry enough to plant. Now that the chickens are in another field, we are ready to go.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad it has warmed up for y'all. I am sure it feels wonderful.
The new milking shed sounds great too. Y'all are getting quite efficient up yonder. Thanks to some really great people. It is such a comfort to your Dad and I to know that you have all this help and support. Give each and every one a great big thank you from Texas.
Love y'all, Mom

Tamatha said...

Ginger, this is "Tammy" Rowe..just thinking about you very much lately, wish I could give you a big hug. So glad you have many nice friends near you. Glad you have a blog! I will visit frequently! A big hug and kiss from Oklahoma! I talked with your dad today, and I understand teh Texas bluebonnets are putting on a show! Take care, Tamatha