Friday, April 23, 2010

Trying to Live Hopefully

The cherry tree is covered with little green balls. They look like earrings.

We planted a couple of wide rows of green beans with last year's seed since this year's seed has mysteriously disappeared. I went for feed. Took care of some business. Milked cows. Washed jars. Made goat cheese.

I feel very inefficient. Couldn't summon the spark to bake. I hope to experiment with the bakery equipment some more tomorrow to be ready for the big farmer's market launch.

I am looking forward to the next swing of good days.


olimpia said...

Dear Ginger,

Today is Saint George’s day.
In Romania, where Vasile, Seb and I are from, people celebrate their name’s day. (If you ever saw an Orthodox calendar you would know that every day there is a saint or important person that dedicated their life for the good of the Church). My father’s name was Gheorghe (also known as George), my brother’s name is George and Seb’s middle name is George also, so Saint George is a big day for me. I read something on a Romanian website that made me think of you and your farm, so I have translated it:

“San-George brings the Spring
In the old Romanian believe the Saint Gheorghe (George) day – celebrated by the Orthodox Church is also known as San-George day. In the popular calendar San-George is known as a god of vegetation, protector of the green nature, of the cattle and sheep. In the popular calendar they say that Saint Gheorghe is one of the two pillars of the seasons, next to Saint Dumitru – who separates the warm season from the cold one. The saying goes like: when the first peepers sing San-George takes the keys from Saint Dumitru and opens the way for nature to come to life, he bring the spring, makes all nature turn green, plants seeds for all crops and locks the cold season away. In the fall Saint Dumitru, who does not love green trees, takes over the key from San-George and unlocks the cold season. The tradition goes that people put weeping willow branches by the doors and windows to celebrate and welcome San-George.”

I pray today that San-George protects and helps you, the kids and the farm.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you dear special one. Just one step at a time, one tiny step at a time. Take my hand, dear Lord, lead me on let me stand,I am tired, I am week, I am sad, Through the storm, through the night lead me on to the light, dear Lord, take my hand, let me stand.
(I don't know how to do the google thing & all that so always just do the Anonymous thing, & sign off with Carolyn,~~~Love you so much Ginger~~with my prayers for you constantly. Don't be surprised if there is always a whole where Philip was he was attached!) said...

Olimpia, tell St. George thanks for the prayers.

Carolyn, thanks for the hug.