Friday, April 30, 2010


Today was the first full-fledged baking day post 2/25.

I was hoping to be getting to bed a little earlier. A lot earlier.

But the bread is wrapped the dishwasher (thank God and my dear friends and especially the one who came over and installed it this morning!) is running, the signs are printed and I think we are ready.

Some other friends came over for the concrete pour. They poured the new milking area. Thomas and Patrick learned all about finishing concrete. Another friend came over and helped me wrap bread and pizza crusts and wash pots and pans.

Tomorrow starts earlier than I wish. Another friend will meet me at Grandin to be back up in case I get too teary. Another friend will take Patrick to another food event where he will give samples of our breads and sell some.

Have you gotten the idea that today's theme is friendship?

It was warm today. The milking tonight would have almost been pleasant but for the persistent no-see-ums. Torturous. How can such a tiny thing inflict such irritation?

The most lovely sight for me today was Rose and Nora, working, all by themselves, no direction or supervision, in the garden. Their lovely little selves interacting together out in the garden brought me a moment of deep joy. A glimpse of Thomas shoveling concrete (or is that cement, I never can remember), and Patrick stretched out on a board over the pour, and Maggie walking tall and strong with a laundry basket did also.

I hope I don't forget anything tomorrow.

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