Monday, April 12, 2010


Last Friday Rachel and I went on an adventure. Laura watched Mec and Boone, Maggie and Rose played with their town friends and Nora, Sofie, Samuel and the two mommas drove to pick up a new truck for the farm. 2003 seems like a brand-new pickup for us around here.

Julie, her hubbie, and her parents are very familiar with our operation, and how Philip had been our on-site mechanic to keep old farm vehicles moving. They also are familiar with the fact that a self-sustaining farm cannot carry a load of vehicle debt. Our friends wanted to make sure I had a vehicle that could carry a ton of feed from Stewart's Draft and also carry tables and coolers and farm goodies to the farmer's market. And be able to carry a mom and 5 kids all at the same time.

So Rachel and kids and I drove down to Ferrum to pick up a beautiful truck that can do all that and has 4 wheel drive to boot. The lady who formerly owned used to have goats and Highland Scottish beef cattle and Clydesdales, but is moving from the farm to a new life. We are so thankful for this gift.

When I hopped up into the cab to take it for a test drive, it seemed too nice for us. Too beautiful and sporty and new. Rachel suggested it looked like it would last for a very long time, and that it was just right for the farm. Especially since we needed to use it right away on the drive home to load up another used freezer we purchased from another farmer so we could safely store our meats.

How does one say a sufficient thank you for such overwhelmingly generous gifts? So many gifts.

PS I was happy to see that the truck is very simply decked out. No electric anything. The windows are the kind that require one to roll them up by hand and so are the locks. Our old suburban electric windows and locks broke down years ago. Keeping it simple means things will hopefully continue to work for a very long time.


Jeff said...

It is a pleasure to have manual windows, isn't it? Great exercise. I recently rented a Nissan Altima and, while it was a really nice car, it had bells and whistles galore, an instruction manual 300 pages long and a requirement to have a degree in computer science to drive it! Bah, humbug!!

Anonymous said...

Precious Ginger, The tears just rolled down my face as I read this I'm so thrilled that you found a new vehicle that is just the right one for your family!! We are just rejoicing with you so much, & praising the Lord for providing it & sending just exactly what we all were hoping for!! Isn't it just so exciting to see Him work miracle after miracle in this journey? Love you so much dear one!!Carolyn