Thursday, December 17, 2009


A visit home is not complete unless Daddy invites his fishing buddies and their wives over to enjoy a fish fry with us.

So glad! I can smell the tradition. Fried potatoes, homemade pico de gallo, earthy fish and garlic aroma fill the house.

Noone fries fish like my Dad. Noone makes pico de gallo like my dad either.

I think I have gained at least 5 pounds on this trip so far, trying to catch up on all the missed traditions! We have almost finished packing the camping gear and plan to head to Big Bend National Park for some hiking to work off all that tradition!

I should mention that it is so nice to enjoy to rusty colors of the Spanish Oak, the deep, dark green of the live oaks, the flaxen colored grasses, the silver green prickly pear and delicate gold of the mesquite trees. We had rain this morning but it cleared off quickly to reveal fluffy white clouds and clear blue sky. I am hoping that the weather report is off and that the temperatures will be much warmer on our campout than predicted.

BTW, those of you who pray, PLEASE say a prayer for peace as we tackle another long drive tomorrow. Happy thoughts for happy kids and mom! (And safety, too, of course!)

I heard the call, "Soup's on!" calls my dad. Better run enjoy some tradition. THANKS, DAD!

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Jeff said...

Enjoy the weather - lots of snow in VA. Blacksburg got 14" and Rt. 8 and 221 were closed in Floyd County earlier today. I think Roanoke got 17.8" Another storm is on the way, due to arrive Christmas Eve or thereabouts.