Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Need More Time

Yesterday we went to San Antonio with Mom. We made a quick stop in Fredericksburg to the gallery that carries her work. It was amazing to see so many new paintings. I am so proud of my mom.

We got to downtown San Antone at dusk. The riverwalk was adorned with thousands of glittering jewels. The kids (and the grownups) oohed and aahed as we strolled along the path. Dinner was Mom's treat: Casa Rio. A restaurant right on the riverside that has been run by the same family since 1946. I had crispy flautas. We ate many crispy chips with salsa and queso. We shivered a little bit, but even so, alfresco in San Antonio in December is not the same as al fresco in Virginia! I guess that restaurant has been our family tradition since I was able to walk! The kids especially enjoyed watching the ducks come up from the river to beg at the little tables.

Today Mom and I left Daddy and the kids picking pecans. The harvest isn't great this year, but they did their best! We met my sister in Austin for lunch at the Magnolia Cafe, quintessential local Austin diner! I enjoyed the blackened catfish and pecan salad. Yumm! In a few minutes, my sister, her boyfriend and I will enjoy some Catawba Valley grass-fed beef.

The days are flying. Too hard trying to fit in 3 years worth of visit in one day. But we are doing our darnedest!


Chris said...

Oh my, the Magnolia Cafe, now I am really nostalgic! I lived in Barton Hills, ate there often. And yes, the big sky, so lovely!!! Have a wonderful trip!

Jeff said...

Enjoy the warm weather - 18" or more of snow expected in Floyd County, up to a foot in Montgomery County. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!