Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eating Locally-summary

Eating locally is better for the economy. Better for small communities. Better for families. Better for the country.

Eating locally helped us to connect with people and appreciate their jobs. We prayed a blessing for each of the families who owned the restaurants that served us.

Eating locally is more expensive if you do not carry your own food with you. Even so, it isn't really more expensive than most fast food establishments.

Eating locally takes a lot more time. We added many hours to the two-week trip looking for businesses that were family owned. Keep in mind we were in some pretty remote places, but the most difficult places to eat locally were the towns situated along the interstate. The little podunk towns actually had pretty thriving local economies. But they had to be quite far from the interstate.

Eating locally can be more healthy than eating corporate food, but not necessarily so. Healthy ingredients are more expensive. Our challenge wasn't to eat all locally sourced ingredients, but to do so when possible. The challenge was to support local economy. Local doesn't equal healthy or organic or grass-fed. But it did keep us from eating a lot of junk food. We ate more picnics and boiled eggs are certainly more healthy than the dollar menu items at the corporate fast food chains.

I have many more thoughts on eating locally and traveling and Wendell Barry and Christmas, but I think I have spewed forth enough for the moment! Tired! Must go to bed. But at least I can sleep now that I have some of those posts off my chest!


Tom Atkins said...

Good thoughts. Ever since moving to Vermont, where the eat local movement truly is a movement, I have learned how much of what you say here is true. Farmer's markets are big here, and since coming up here, and taking part more, I have had better, more interesting, eating, and have grown close to the community. All great benefits.

I wonder sometimes, why communities (government) in Va doesn't promote this as much as they do here. It would make a real positive change, for very little investment. said...

Hi Tom!

I think that Va is working on it, I have seen lots of Eat Local flyers scattered here and there, but we are in the beginning stages of the movement. Let's hope we can catch up with Vermont soon! You are so right, small investment could bring about great change.

Jeff said...

Oh, so it was Wendell Berry that fired you up? Couldn't ask for a better motivator - he is a great writer with lots of wisdom to share. I'm sure he wasn't the only one who inspired you, though. I wish I had the time to read all of his books and poems.