Monday, December 14, 2009

Texas, Our Texas

We are enjoying the warm, 62 degree sunshine at an East Texas rest stop with wifi. How weird is that?

After a lunch of pbj, more egg salad, homemade pickles and non-local but purchased in our local coop feta cheese and olives, Ikenberry apples and Thomas and Rachel Thomas's chocolate cake, the kids stretch, read, run and bicker a little. Not too much. They are too happpy to feel Texas air. A few hours to go. I think we will take the countryside route to Mom and Dad's instead of I35. May take us a little longer, but I can show the kids my old hometown and I can feast my eyes on liveoaks and mesquite trees and brushy hill country, small towns and county seats.

So thankful for the gift that is making it possible for us to enjoy this journey.

To Narnia and the North! I mean, To Central Texas and the hill country!


Level 1/2 Teacher said...

Thank you for bringing your blog along on your trip! I'm enjoying your adventures and cheering on your efforts to eat local! Keep those post coming....

Tom Atkins said...

LiveOaks! That has to be my favorite tree ever. Such a shame they do not flourish here.

Enjoy your trip! said...

Teacher, thanks for your cheers! Will keep you "posted!"

Tom, those trees are such a picture to mee. I love them. Just as much as the lowly mesquite. Not only do they say home to me, they are wonderful spiritual images. Thanks for your well-wishes.