Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once In a Blue Moon

2009 draws to a close.

We enjoyed a fabulous feast with Kathryn and kids tonight. Whole trout, roasted with garlic and olive oil, boiled salted potatoes, sauteed green beans. A beurre blanc citron (lemon butter sauce) fromo Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Champagne for the grownups, club soda for the rest of the gang.

Sitting around the festive table, candles aglow, we covered at least part of the highlights of 2009. Special hikes, journeys to far away places like Texas and India and New York, fun visits with friends, gifts received and given. What a huge year. We had some wonderful and horrible moments.

We acknowledged gratitude that this year the farm generated a decent amount of food and income for our family. Tomorrow we will enjoy New Year foods and dream dreams of the days to come.

After clearing our plates we all ran outside, hoping for a glimpse of the moon.

She shone bright like a beacon, swathed in sheer flowing gray clouds. We laughed in delight as we noticed our moon shadows. Even the trees in the woods cast long, stark shadows.

Patrick and Max ran with delight down the field, whooping as they explored their territory, lit up by magic.

We wondered if the blue moon, blue not due to color, but due to the rare occurence, portended good news. We hoped so.

Dogs barked on the other side of the ridge. Our animals slept on in the barn, not caring one bit that the old year was passing and the new was sliding in, just like the shimmery grey clouds sliding over the face of the dear, sweet moon.

We hugged and said our good nights and happy new years. Children play board games and mind the fire. They don't worry about sleep deprivation and grumpy mornings. They are energized by the blue moon and play happily. I think about them, smile, and prepare to go to bed.



CountryDew said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Best wishes to you and your family for a special 2010.

Holly said...

<3 beurre blanc <3