Saturday, December 5, 2009


Drizzle at 6am turned into big flat fluffy snowflakes by 7. The farm is bright white. Driving to the farmer's market this morning was a bit tricky but by 1 this afternoon the roads were clear. Children are sledding. I anticipate their return to the house very shortly. They skipped their grilled cheese sandwiches in order to head to the slopes. It is a very heavy, wet snow. They should be soaked through and chilled to the bone within minutes.

I have so much to write about! Thursday Thomas, Patrick and I attended a lecture at UVA. We heard Wendell Berry speak. However, the laundry is waiting. Must get some chores done. But maybe later I can share some of his nuggets. We drove home in the dark, dark night inspired and affirmed. What a treat.


Anonymous said...

I thought it looked like y'all would get some snow. I know the kids are excited about it. We actually had a few snow flakes but I was on the highway coming home from Arkansas and didn't get to see any of it. It was the earliest that snow had been seen in most parts down here. This is usually something that might occur in Feb. or March. Anxious to see y'all down here.
love Mom

Jeff said...

I was familiar with the name Wendell Berry but it wasn't until I read an interview of him in The Sun magazine a year (or more) ago that I learned a tiny bit of what he had to share. What a wonderfully wise man he is!