Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's the Deal, Priscilla?

I looked up last year's blog to determine when we should expect Priscilla to deliver. She was at the neighbor's farm with a bull from October to mid-December. We thought she would have a calf by mid-September.

Still no baby.

She is definitely pregnant.

She waddles. Her udder is a bit bigger. Her stomach is huge. She looks terribly uncomfortable and is quite irritable.

Rose goes out to check on her every day, at least twice to three times a day. Very little change.

Sometimes we think maybe she isn't even pregnant. How long could this take, for goodness' sake? She never did go into heat when Duncan the bull came to live with us in March, so that is a pretty good indication she was already pregnant.

Guess we will find out eventually!

Speaking of babies, Willie, the billy goat, came for a visit last week. I believe all the big goats are bred to deliver in late February-early March. We are thinking that WIllie will make for cute babies. He is an Alpine goat. But what a nasty house guest. Let's just say that you should NEVER want to be called an old goat. Yuck. Stinky old thing!

Continuing to speak of babies, Boaz is back to thinking he is a sheep and has been hanging with the ewes. We expect a nice crop of lambs come late February or early March.

As I type, the dogs continue to bark.

Daddy, would you please come to visit and help remedy our coyote problem???

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