Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Even More Harvesting

Last Thursday we got up early and butchered around 30 some-odd chickens. Broilers, roasters and roosters.

Bob and Jeanine came and helped. We had a few snags with the chicken plucker but thankfully Bob knows how to mechanic and he made it work for us. Everybody had their role. Patrick was on slaughter duty. Maggie and Rose caught and carried chickens. They also helped eviscerate. Thomas was on the water scalder. I gutted. Jeanine plucked stray feathers. Nora kept herself entertained. We were all done by noon then I headed to West Virginia to pick up the lamb at the butcher.

What a joy to have meat in the freezer.

The broilers were raised in the chicken tractor this time. We let them grow to a full 12 weeks since that is what is recommended for the French organic standard, the Label Rouge. The broilers weighed from 6.5lbs-8lbs. We roasted one for Sunday dinner to share with the Thomas family after church. It was amazing. Not only a delicious, tender bird, but the roast fed all 12 of us, everybody having seconds and thirds, plus lunch the next day.

We may not raise all the broilers to 12 weeks but we certainly will raise enough to have a nice big fat one for Sunday dinner every once in awhile. Sure was good.

Saturday night we had lamb chops. Tender and sweet. Garlicky with a side of peppers from the garden, cooked with vinegar. Baked potatoes from the cellar. Sauteed green beans. Fall equals GOOD FOOD!

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