Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Patrick the Courageous

Yesterday we had our homeschool coop. At one point I went out onto the deck and looked at the pond. We noticed a group of wild ducks were visiting our Rouens. They swam around and chattered with each other. Maybe catching up on the news from up north.

All of a sudden one of the wild ducks began to struggle. It flapped its wings, trying in vain to take flight. The other ducks, wild and domesticated, swam to the side of the pond and looked on in terror.

"Patrick! Come quickly! Throw something! Get that snapping turtle to let go of that duck!"

Patrick ran out to the pond, barefoot, and grabbed a stick. He waded into the silty cold muck and was finally able to get the snapping turtle to release its death grip. The visiting duck sped across the pond to the rest of the gang and they all flew away.

They didn't come back for a visit.

Patrick was wet and cold.

We were proud of him. I felt so helpless looking on at that near brush with death. But I didn't rush out to stick my feet in the cold wet pond. Patrick did. Thank you Patrick for helping the little duck. The snapping turtle will have to find his supper some other time.

I think we have an out of balance ecosystem with a few too many turtles. What is the natural predator of the snapping turtle???


CountryDew said...

I don't know what the natural preditor for a snapping turtle is, but I have heard of people eating turtle soup. Not sure I'd want to try that, but waste not, they say. Seems to me I remember my mother telling me she tried to make turtle soup once and it tasted like mud, but maybe that is my imagination.

Tom Atkins said...

Man and desease alas. Snapping turtles are as tough as they come. We used to fight them in my grandfather's mill pond a generation ago. And today... they are still there. said...

I read that you have to put them in a tub of water for a week or two and that cleans out their system and makes them taste sweeter.

Now I just have to get someone in this family to be willing to clean a turtle! Won't be me!