Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

The other day Thomas ran up to the mailbox. He returned to the house bearing a big box.

What could that be?

I hadn't ordered anything. We looked and it was a package from my dear friend, Julie.

She mentioned there was a gift on the way and I had forgotten.

What in the world could that girl have sent?

We hurriedly tore open the tape and dug into the box. It was heavy, unwieldy.

I pulled it out of the box and my mouth opened wide. Julie's dad made me a beautiful cheese press. Perfect for making hard cheese. Some time ago I had mentioned how one of these days I hoped to get a cheese press for making hard cheese. She mentioned it to her dear old dad who is an accomplished wood worker. He looked up plans and made the most lovely of practical objects.

What an incredible gift. I have wished for a press for a couple of years. This press is not only lovely, but such a practical gift. And one that will last for years and years. And I know the hands that made it. Amazing.

Happy early birthday to me! What will the first cheese be? Romano? Cheddar? Can I please learn to make gruyere?

PLEEEEEEASE, Priscilla. Hurry up and have your baby. (I am wondering if she was not bred by the neighbor's bull and maybe she was bred by Duncan in March? Could that be true? Could it be possible she is only 7 or 8 months pregnant and we have to wait until December? Oh, well, if that is true, we better enjoy the break because when winter rolls around we could possibly be milking two cows,)

Dear friend, Julie, and Grandpa Ted, thank you so much for your kindness. Your gifts to me are so sweet. I will always treasure that cheese press. Functional Art. I can't wait until I can give you some cheese made from it!


Leonora said...

A beautiful and thoughtful gift. Definitely gruyere!

Chris said...

How wonderful! I love tools, many of my favorites are from my dad. So great to have personal, fond feelings with tools. May you make many marvelous cheeses!

Anonymous said...

Ginger & family: I am glad that you got it so soon. I look forward to telling you all of the things God did to bring it all together. Please let me know how well it works - it comes with a warrantee. Agsin, It was fun making. Ted Smith