Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Soup

Today the children and I cleaned out the barn for school. We raked stalls, swept floors, general cleanup.

Manure is so daily.

We also moved the four little piggies out to their new home in the portable pen in the garden. That is, the royal we. Actually, Thomas and Patrick caught the little boogers, put then in a cage and carted them out. I love delegation! The four little pigs were absolutely delighted. They went right to work rooting up weeds, eating grass and frolicking with each other. Their little pink ears flopped in the breeze.

It was such a lovely day I let the turkeys out of their portable coop. They too were delighted. George, the royal palm big daddy turkey herded them around the farm, introducing them to the most tender grass spots and the best places to catch bugs. What a big world.

I met a gal at the Grandin Farmer's market this spring. She and her hubby work on a farm in Floyd. We grab quick hellos and hey, how's it goings while we busily tend to market business. Ever since May we have wished to grab some time to swap stories and dreams, but alas, the life of a farmer is pretty full. Hard for either to get off the premises.

Today they were able to take a day to hike up to McAfee's Knob. Afterward they meandered over here for lunch.

What fun to spend the day hanging out! We made curried pumpkin soup and homemade spelt naan. Naan is a fluffy Indian bread that we LOOOOVE. I love getting to hear dreams and share our journey and laugh. These folks are about to move to start up their own farm in another state. We won't be seeing them at market next year.

Too bad.

But thanks to their willingness to travel a fer piece, we got to make a sweet connection and internet is a handy way too keep in touch until their path flows this way again. I believe they have their own blog so it will be fun sharing farm journeys.

In case you have a pumpkin sitting around, I hope you will eventually roast it. Best thing to do is cut it in half, scrape out the seeds and goo, put cut side down on a cookie sheet and roast at 350 degrees til soft. Scoop out the flesh and run it through the blender. You now have pumpkin puree that is wayyy better than the canned stuff. Especially if you grew it yourself or bought it locally. Make your chicken broth and add lots of pumpkin. A generous serving of curry powder. Use a hand held blender if you have one to blend the soup into a silky concoction. I like to add heavy cream (WHEN we are milking the cow!). Taste then salt to your preference. A dollop of sour cream and a dash of tabasco are nice touches. With or without, it is a great soup for warming your belly.

Sometime I will have to give you my recipe for naan. Homemade whole wheat or spelt naan is so much better than storebought.

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather. Warm. Indian summer? Absolutely delicious. Just like pumpkin soup and friends!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very special day. It is always special to have friends drop by. The food sounds good too. Would not have thought of pumpkin as soup. Will look forward to finding out about that Indian bread. love Mom

CountryDew said...

I'm glad you had company; it can get lonely on the farm.