Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Haymaking is Over. Maybe?

A couple of weeks ago I could barely move thanks to my overly exhuberant hay hauling. About the time the back was better our friend Bryan got his baler fixed and finished baling the hay that Tuesday night around 8pm.

The weather forecast predicted rain the next morning so as soon as the Bible study ladies said good-bye at 8:30pm, I headed out to the field to join the family. The night was pitch black. Friend Bob came to join us with his trailer, we found a rhythm and hauled a--, I mean hay. We were all so tired but we knew that if those bales got rained on they would mold.

What a relief! My back was healed. We worked together and got several hundred bales put in the barn or in Bob's trailer by 12:30. As luck would have it, the rains did not come the next morning. But you and I both know that if we had left at least one bale of hay in the field to pick up the next day it would have rained three inches. Oh well.

We are very grateful to have plenty of hay for the animals this winter. And grateful for all the hands that make it possible to get the job done. Hay hauling is hard work but we kind of like the camaraderie.


Jeff said...

You speculated in your post on coyotes that there might be a hard winter ahead. Have you seen any wooly bears that are solid black? This is supposedly a sign of a cold winter coming.h said...

Hi Jeff!

I always want to see bears and never do.

Other people have been seeing them. I will ask around. You know, our cow, Coco is turning very dark colored. She is usually fawn. I wonder what coloring has to do with winter? All those signs often mean something...