Sunday, April 3, 2011



The sun rose brilliantly. What a nice change after the last few days weather. We went to church to worship, after a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and venison. And of course the coffee with lots of Coco's cream.

Springtime in the Roanoke valley is a foretaste of heaven.

We are in a transition period of springtime. Funny how long springtime can last here. In Texas spring lasts about three days. Here we have weeks of spring. The forsythia is still brilliant in our little pocket, but just about done in town. The dogwoods are about to bloom, but not quite yet. Daffodils are ready to sit out the next dance. They look tired. Lilacs are standing by, ready to leap into action, with just a word. After church we went to Mill Mountain with a fried chicken picnic and soaked up the sunshine, along with the mountain laurel, also waiting to spring forth into bloom.

Daddy made the most fabulous supper for us tonight. Cynthia came over and joined us for tacos chihuahua, made with our lamb. Truly one of my favorite dishes in all the world. Especially with a big bowl full of his pico de gallo. I have to go to sleep now, but hopefully will post his recipe tomorrow. The house still smells yummy. And I will have garlic breath for a week. But it was worth it.

Tacos chihuahua made by my dad is a very wonderful gift. I wish you didn't have to go home tomorrow. Already miss you. Glad you came and helped me with so many projects. And glad I will be seeing both of you before you know it.


Sandra said...

Ginger, I've heard you mention your dad's taco recipe a few times. I'd love to try it! Do you think he'd share the recipe here?

morebutter said...

aren't you going to miss coco?