Saturday, April 2, 2011

All In a Day's Work

Friends came over. They helped move out garbage, old stuff that no longer works, broken chairs, hand-me-down sofas, the garage sale mantel I bought that we never did use, the second hand freezers that no longer freeze, along with lots of other assorted trash.

How can one family have so much junk?

It is humbling to receive help. Especially when dealing with your own junk.

But I am very grateful.

While we loaded and hauled, Daddy worked on a project in my bedroom. It is an amazing improvement! Hurray for Daddy's who can fix anything. Mom drove Nora to a birthday party. Kids carried and swept out and raked.

I managed to get most of the laundry washed, got all the books in the three bookcases in the front hallway packed, and Mom and I even packed up my most precious Japanese antique tea cups and pots so they can drive them carefully to Texas.

In the middle of it all, the wind howled and the sleet blew. I only cried a couple of times as I thought about how real this transition is becoming. Nevertheless, spending time with my mother and father confirmed my decision. Being near them is a very good thing.

Trees are about to burst into leaf. They are waiting for a couple of warm days.

So am I.

But for now, the Mexican bear meat stew is reheated, ready to enjoy with tortillas and salsa. Maggie and Taylar made a chocolate cake for dessert. Daddy bought some ice cream to go on the side. I better head to the table.

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