Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter on the Farm

Little girls in pretty dresses.

Boys in brand-new khaki pants and handsome shirts. All of us gathered around the table in the dining room since the wind was too blustery.

Lilac bouquets offered beautiful resurrection incense.

We read the scriptures. We sang. We prayed.

We went outside to take pictures before all the clothes got dirty.

One young seven year old friend climbed up the willow tree. "Boone, get down from the tree and come here for the picture!" We ate our hair as the wind blew and all smiled.

Then Rachel and I raced back into the kitchen to finish up our Easter dinner. Freshly milled spelt rolls rose up nicely. The huge ham warmed. We mashed potatoes, warmed up last year's green beans. Carmelized carrots. Chopped up broccoli for our yummy salad. And for the most exotic portion of our meal, Rachel stripped the nettle leaves off their stems (ouch!) and I simmered them with garlic and balsamic vinegar. And we creamed the most delicious leeks ever eaten. That Rachel had just picked out of their garden.

We all crammed around the dining room table, along with some of Jason and Rachel's family who joined us for the occasion, and ate and ate and ate.

How was there room for dessert? I guess we sat around the table long enough. Maggie's spelt Queen of Sheba cake was a hit. And Patrick's spelt pound cake, in the traditional lamb mold, was too. Not to mention all the other desserts brought by the Thomas' family grandma's!

Boiled eggs were hunted several times by kids. Wiffle ball games were played. Lots of dishes were washed. Grownups visited. And Serge even came over to shoot target practice with the boys.

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