Thursday, April 21, 2011

Signs of the Times.

A fellow farmer came over today at noon to take a look at this year's lamb crop. She bought one of Ophelia's little girls. It was funny when my friend put the lamb in the crate to carry her home. The little thing stomped her foot, just like her mama. It made me laugh.

Another farmer acquaintance came over with his wife to take a look at Priscilla. They are going to buy her. As they looked up at the ridge, they wondered if we had lots of mushrooms. I said I have looked every year to no avail.

It is time for morels. Should we look again? What I would give to have a nice big mess of morels, fried up in butter with some garlic. And an omelet with fiddlehead ferns and goat cheese on the side.

Spring is here. So warm.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, would love to find some morels. No such thing down here in Texas this year.
If y'all find any, eat some for me.
love ya, Mom

Chris said...

We found some morels here. Maybe there will be more after tomorrow's rain. Goodbye sweet sheep, may there be other sentient beings in your future.

Leonora said...

You should look for the morels this year. A friend just told me that she found some over our way after not finding any the past few years. said...

Alright! I must gather kids up to go on a search. Soon as the rain stops and the sun comes out again. Foraged food is the best, isn't it!