Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday is Family Sit Around the Table Night

Okay, I still remain optimistic deep down, but having temperatures drop back into the twenties means I better put on another layer. Brr.

Even so, this afternoon it wasn't too miserable to patch up a couple of chicken yard fences. Time will tell if I did the job correctly or not. Wish I were a better fence mender. My goal is to have free-range chickens, but within certain areas. It is a lovely thing to see chickens range over our yard, but not so lovely to have to wash chicken poop off our sidewalk and steps. Even less lovely to have chickens eat our garden, and since I remain optimistic that we will plant and enjoy a garden, fencing chickens is a timely priority.

Tonight we ate the very last package of grass-finished beef steak out of the freezer. Along with some organic broccoli, a very out-of-season, non local organic eggplant and some sweet potatoes that were raised by our farmer friend. For dessert, some Homestead Creamery double chocolate icecream. What was the occasion? I actually found enough energy to cook and have us sit down at table together.

Well, I hear kids coming in from evening chores. Time to sit in front of the fire and read another chapter from our book.

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Yeah, that's the drawback of the free range chickens--the poop. Hope your fence repairs are going well.