Friday, February 11, 2011

Lambing Season Has Begun

Lucy was the first ewe to deliver this year. She is a precious dorset-jacob cross. And she and Tarkheena are two of the first lambs born on the farm.

Rose and her friend Anita went out to the barn to water and feed the chickens. I was up in my office (bedroom) working on an 8 hour accounting project. They burst into my room, breathless, with the animated expression of awe that only comes with news of fresh babies.

I grabbed my boots and a bag of alfalfa pellets and headed to the barn. There was our dear Lucy, very protective, and two little ram lambs, black with streaks of white on the forehead and rump. Two other ewes were nearby, maybe they were acting as midwives. I have a feeling they will be mothers before the weekend is out.

Babies. So precious.

Speaking of precious babies, we separated Mary from Coco for part of the day today to harvest our share of milk. Poor Mary. She was just across the fence from mama, being babysat by her big sister Priscilla and the big heifers. I am happy to have a nice supply of milk in the fridge and Mary is happy that I left some for her to enjoy for supper.

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