Monday, February 7, 2011

Faith or Spring is a Frisky Little Heifer Named Mary

This morning I drove to Wilkesboro, NC to have my stoneburr mill serviced to be ready for the spring bakery season. The guys at Meadows Mills are wonderful. They always remember my name. They are friendly. They work hard and manufacture a superior product. Now that we have had our tuneup, bakery will be in operation soon.

When I got home, Patrick and I tackled the project of moving some of the round bales of hay out to the garden. I hope to use it to heavily mulch our spring garden. The afternoon was lovely. High forties, sun coming out from under the clouds. It turned the ridge a brownish pink. Just like the new heifer, Mary. When I went out to the pasture to bring in Coco, Mary frisked and frolicked. It was so beautiful, with spring hanging in the air, I could understand why.

After some of the hay was moved out of the upper barn, I went out to the upper hay field with a bucket of alfalfa pellets. Tarkheena came up for a nibble, then she and the rest of the flock followed me into their new home for the next couple or three weeks. I feel so much better having the ewes put up and out of way of the howling coyotes before their babies come. The air was so clean, the sky so brilliant, the fields showing a promise of green. All my worries couldn't stand a chance. They fled somewhere down the road. The trees are tinged with pink and the ornamental pear has buds swelling. I told all the fruit trees that a hard freeze is coming, and probably a light snow, but they didn't listen. It is hard to listen to reason about pending cold weather when there is light at almost six o'clock pm! And this morning, there was light before 7am.

Optimism swells, just like those buds.

For the moment.

And we'll run with it, as long as we can!


Chris said...

Beautiful! I have seedlings.

Chris said...

"You can never hold back spring.
You can be sure that I will never stop believing...The blushing rose will climb.....Spring ahead or fall behind... Winter dreams the same dream every time. You can never hold back spring. Even though you've lost your way. The world keeps dreaming of spring. So close your eyes, open your heart, to one who's dreaming of you. You can never hold back spring, baby, remember everything that spring can bring. You can never hold back spring." Tom Waits

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Yes, the days are getting longer! I noticed the light too!

Debbie Millman said...

I am wondering how you come upon names for your farm creative!