Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day, but just barely

A snow day for the kids meant that they got to feed the fire and fold the clothes while I worked on mounds of paperwork.

I think I dreamed of the garden last night. My body is hungry for exercise. I want to get out and plant cover crops and spread manure. But instead, I separated piles of receipts and bank statements and other tax stuff to begin getting ready to go to an accountant. Paid bills. Got a headache.

Why is it necessary to deal with paperwork? Are there any farmers out there who are naturally inclined to business organization? I would rather dig out the barn, weed the garden, butcher chickens and haul hay any day.

Nevertheless, I said thank you to God as I worked on all this boring stuff, grateful to have my own business that helps pay the bills so we can live on this farm. It seems like a miracle that we have been able to survive. A miracle and a testimony of the power of living in generous community.

And irony of ironies, before you know it, I will be dying for a day to sit inside and take care of paperwork, in order to take a break from the break-breaking agenda of springtime on the farm!


Debbie Millman said...

You and me both, sister...not into the numbers. Glad the kids had a day to feed the fire.... said...

Hey there Debbie! Just so you know, I have been cozy under that blanket you and the boys made more us! Just perfect for adding that extra layer. Hope you guys are staying warm as you can up there.