Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Six More Weeks of Winter?

"What is that blue stuff out there?" questioned one of the little girls this morning as they looked out the front door before they ran to the bus.

The thick fog blankets the farm this morning, and in the pre-dawn, it looks eerily blue. Rain fell for quite some time last night instead of ice and snow. The pond appears to be melting quickly. When I opened my bedroom window, it smelled wet and earthy, like spring. I can almost hear spring peepers!

Isn't it ironic that Texas is experiencing record lows this week! I wonder what the groundhog has to say about all that. All I know is that around this part of the country, it is premature to think that we are over winter.

Weeks to go.

But the little bird trilling outside my window, sitting in his spot on the forsythia bush sounds optimistic.

PS after a week and a half of the cold that wouldn't go away, that turned into a chest problem, I went to our family doctor who gave me medicine to defeat the infection and calm the cough so I can sleep. Last night was the best sleep I have had in a long time. Thank God for modern medicine and doctor friends.

PPS Patrick is moving around beautifully on crutches, and we head to the orthopedist today to get his distal fibula put into a cast. Besides feed and water, the farm is having to take care of itself for the time being. We have had lots of offers of help, but I have been too sick to even think of coordinating and overseeing. Lots of big things are being set aside, but thankfully the kids have been great about tending the little things.

PPPS Groundhog Day with Bill Murray is an awfully fun fable to watch on Groundhog Day. I may have to work that into my schedule for today...

PPPPS I just read online that Punxatawney Phil did NOT see his shadow and that he predicts an early spring! I hope he is correct!

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Hey ;] I hope that a nature wake up soon...