Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Reading and a new favorite book, or All's Well that Ends Well, occasionally

I really must avoid letting more than a few days go by without blogging because when I finally get around to writing I find an avalanche of stories and thoughts and pictures flood my keyboard and leave me thinking of one thing or another that I meant to write, some deep thoughts, some very clever anecdotes, some terribly wise advice.

Right now I am remembering that I want to reread Voltaire's Candide and share some thoughts about it with you. I found that book on the shelf last month and thought that if I read it, maybe I would become much smarter and erudite and intelligent, since I had some vague inkling that Voltaire was some smart French guy who wrote smart stuff.

Well, what a surprise!

I had no idea that I would be in for one of the most entertaining reads I have had all winter long. I laughed out loud, moaned in understanding, and pondered that the author could pen such a story in a mere three days. He covered love, romance, loyalty, optimism, corruption in government and church, happiness, war, death and treachery, adventure and world travel all in one very readable novelette. I enjoy satire and thoroughly appreciated that book.

I don't think I am much smarter, and probably not any more erudite than I have ever been, but for some reason, Candide touched me greatly. As he tried to find his way, his bumpy, messy, rather round about way, he brought me humor and deep satisfaction. There is even a chapter on Candide and his entourage trying to find redemption through sustainable agriculture. They almost find it. (redemption thru agriculture, that is.) Almost. I must read it again and share with you memorable lines. As soon as we get past this next round of lambs and kids. But in the meantime I will dream of Eldorado and wish to be swept away to that land of no troubles. And try to remember that I would probably be no more or less happy there than I am right here...

And then I will share with you my thoughts on spirituality, redemption and the Lord of the Rings, which I am reading now. By the way, I have more memory of the movie than the book, and am surprised by how much more satisfying is the book, even though the movie is the one of the best examples of any literature translated onto the screen.

Whew. Since the kids are home and helped with the evening chores, I actually had time to write this evening. I am feeling better already.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you are back on the blog. Have missed you. In fact, worried a bit about you. I know that you are still somewhat geared to Feb. in Texas being when the winter starts going away some and there are good warm days. There are bluebonnets blooming here by the way. The trip the kids took was wonderful. Thank you Julie.
Miss y'all, Mom

CountryDew said...

ooh! I am reading Lord of the Rings, too, the whole trilogy! I am on the Fellowship and almost through it.

You're right, in many ways the book is more satisfying. It answers a lot of questions. We'll have to discuss this sometime!

Beth said...

I often find such comfort and redemption in books. Which, I suppose, is why our house is overflowing with them...:-)

I'm glad you're feeling better. said...

Anita, I have just left Tom Bombadil and am heading to the Prancing Pony as soon as I sign off. Yes, we must have a LOTR chat!

Thanks, Beth. Books, our friends. Stacked up, piled up, lined up. I am thankful for all those people who took the time to write! God uses them to bless me richly.