Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just thought I should mention that Monday we made the first cheese of the season. Mozzarella, several pounds, a nice bowl of ricotta, plus a couple of pounds of butter. Not to mention the gallons of whey. We made pizza for supper that evening and the kids were thrilled to be back in the cheese season. Yesterday we mixed the ricotta with garlic, lemon juice and thyme and spread that on pizza crusts for a snack to take to Grower's Academy. We gave some of the whey to the pigs, who loved it. We put some in the fridge for baking. I used some of the whey for the liquid in our curry this evening.

We are thankful for Priscilla and Coco and all that glorious milk. Now, if I can figure out how to make some brie, aged gouda, a nice gruyere, we will be in heaven! I can't wait to get out Grandpa Ted's cheese press. But will have to wait until baby season has come to a halt.



Chris said...

Yummm! Sounds delicious. I milked two cows for a few years, made a lot of butter and cottage cheese but never advanced beyond that. I so miss that dollop of heavy cream in my coffee :). I look forward to hearing of your cheese experiments.

Holly said...

ginger! i finally have rennet and citric acid so i can make mozzarella, but i lost the recipe. help me out?

Country Girl said...

There is going to come a day when you look back on this post and wish that you could return to this time.

And when you do, know that you are not alone. Ok?