Friday, November 20, 2009

This Day Does Not Match My Mood

It is a gorgeous day today. When I arose at 3 something this morning I peeked out the window. The sky truly did look like a length of dark blue velvet scattered with diamonds. A brisk breeze kicked up, promising to kick the rain out. It worked.

Work started out fine, but some paperwork and phone calls have gotten me completely discombobulated. I feel like giving up. Grrr. I think I am rebelling. The sunshine and warm is telling me that it is morally wrong to be stuck in the house trying to bake and do miserable paperwork and deal with annoying phone calls. Not that I hate phone calls, just annoyed by unnecessary ones.

I am pausing to clear my head and figure out what is absolutely necessary to accomplish today. I have such high expectations of myself in regards to productivity sometimes. Perhaps I need to be still, have a cup of coffee in the sunshine, encourage the kids to take a 30 minute break with me and share a chapter in the book we are reading out loud. Maybe we will get refocused and reenergized after a little recreation.

BTW, I think the forsythia bush is confused. There are a few blossoms coming out on its bare twiggy arms. What? Did someone not get the message that spring won't be here for many many months? Maybe she is an overachiever??? Just listen to me, Forsythia, it is TIME. Give it a rest. You will be much more energized come springtime, but for now, how about a nap.


Leonora said...

Ha! My forsythia has been pulling the same stunt. And now I see my daffodils poking up from the flower bed.

CountryDew said...

I have noticed a lot of buds on the trees. This warm weather has them very confused. said...

Daffodils? Buds? That brutally cold spell awhile back with the warm days following have the plants confused. Guess this next week should set them straight!