Sunday, November 15, 2009

Don't forget to take your Vitamin D!

A couple of Sundays a month we have an organic church service here on the farm with some other folks. This morning I milked the goats, the kids took care of the other chores then we prepared for our service. Part of preparation was putting the soaked beans on to cook. We feel that worshiping God involves community living so part of our act of worship is sharing a meal together after sharing the eucharist together. Just like regular church we sing hymns, read scripture, pray and hear Philip share a sermon, but it all takes place in our living room since we are not finished with converting the tractor shed into our chapel.

Then we move to the kitchen, fix a meal and share it with our friends.

Today the sun was shining so brightly we had to set up our pinto beans with garlic, onions and kale and our rice and fresh bread out on the deck. Our eyes hurt from squinting in the bright light, yet we felt obligated to soak in the rays. Our newest little church member, 2 week old baby Samuel, was especially cozy.

I thank God for folks who want to share life together with us, the ups, the downs, the spiritual, the nitty-gritty, the feasts and the famines.

And I thank God for the sunshine. It felt so good on my skin and bones. Soon we will be huddled in front of the fire. But now we listen to the flooded pond and rushing stream and can hardly remember the rain as we revel in sunshine.

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Jeff said...

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were gorgeous in Floyd but Wednesday was super-foggy!! As I sat in the Roanoke airport terminal, I watched the mountains slowly disappear. But foggy days are lovely in their own way - the mist softens the stark beauty of the naked trees so nicely. And it is so very quiet!