Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall is fleeting.

I am certainly glad we took advantage of the sunshine the other days. Gray has set in with a vengeance. It feels like snow, even though it is too warm and no snow is in the forecast. The golden willow leaves reluctantly let go and let themselves be carried off in the breeze. The rest of the trees figured out days and weeks ago that it was futile to try to hold on.

This morning I enjoyed the carefully choreographed dance of the ducks on the pond. Brown rouens and white pekins formed a circle, bobbing and dipping, stretching their glorious wings. I was quite entertained.

We enjoyed our homeschool coop today. At one moment I saw Rose and Sophie running in the field holding almost 3 yr old Mec by the hands. They were smiling and free. I love homeschooling. We decided that next week for coop we will cover biology. The kids will come join us as we butcher some turkeys and roosters. That should be an interesting lesson!

It is just 5 o clock, the rooster is simmering, butternut squash awaits braising, and broccoli awaits steaming. It is almost dark. Kids are reading books, practicing piano and singing with their cassette player. I believe Thomas is working on a sword he is carving out of wood. A moment of peace before we jump into the frantic get ready for the Bible study ladies pace!

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