Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yippee! Welcome to March!

The snow is falling relentlessly. We are living in a winter wonderland this afternoon. The fluffy blanket muffles sound across Full Circle Farm. Goats, sheep, cattle and chicken are hanging out in the barn, munching on hay. The ducks are brave souls, waddling around the barnyard. The white pekins look oddly dirty in contrast to the brilliant fluffy snow.

After church we took a drive out to an acquaintance' farm to check out some sheep. The drive was magical. We can all wait for spring if there is a lovely snowfall to enjoy. It appears to be a good enough snow to sled and make many snowmen and women.

The snow is so wonderful for our soil. It provides moisture, of course we all know that. But did you know that snow captures nitrogen from the air and applies it to our fields? Free fertilizer!

I think snow is also wonderful for our soul. It is hard to not exclaim in childlike wonder when our surroundings completely transform into a winter fairy wonderland. Magical. Mystical.

I think I know how we will spend the first half of our school day tomorrow morning.


P.S. As we all enjoy our picturesque winter vignettes, let's all remember those who do not have cozy fires and hot chocolate and warm blankets and see if there might be some little thing we could do to help... The Fincastle Social Services is still accepting donations for the Heating Assistance Program.

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CountryDew said...

It's the best snow we've had in about 8 years!