Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Sheep - Thank you Gary!

We met a "neighbor" at a farm meeting last year. We were happy to know he raised Jacob and Cotswold sheep. He and his wife spin and do cool stuff with the wool. I had hoped to buy a couple of sheep from him last year, but never got to it. When I called him up this winter, I was so surprised at his offer to give us some sheep.

Gary Winkler is an author with a book about to be published in May. Book publishing means travelling. Traveling means not being at home. Not being at home means not being able to take care of a flock of sheep.

It is sad to see someone say goodbye to a flock of friends. We didn't take all his flock, but a substantial part of it. He would walk through the barn and call this one or that by name and they would raise their heads and nod in his direction. Except for when he called them to come on up into the trailer to go for a ride, but that is another story. Sheep aren't that dumb! He had a real relationship with these animals and you could tell it was hard to end this chapter of his life.

We are thrilled to meet new friends. They are safely tucked in the upper part of the barn. A little freaked out, but not too bad. Sissy, Baby and her baby Steeler, Maya and her big son Easter Bunny, Annie and her big daughter Little Dee and her little daughter, yet to be named, Freda, Willow, and Angel, with Angel's sons' Amos and Andy. Boaz and the rest of the Full Circle Farm gang are curious. I hope these new friends will settle in and be content in their new home. We look forward to doing cool stuff with their wool.

We are very grateful to Gary and his wife for their generous gift. May if be returned to them in many unusual and wonderful ways!


Tom Atkins said...

What a wonderful gift, warm and fuzzy both literally, and in ways of the heart.

CountryDew said...

That is quite a gift. Also a good reminder for me on a story.