Friday, March 13, 2009

Snow Flakes are Falling on My Head

Great big huge giant snowflakes are falling on the farm this morning. More free fertilizer for the fields! And much needed moisture.

Of course, Murphy's Law would predict that goat babies will be born in the cold wet instead of the warm sunshine. We'll see. Maybe those mothers will wait a couple of days.

We are out of hay.


Last year we did not make hay. Wanted to let the fields rest a year. Trying to manage fields with the organic method, that is, without dumping very expensive, possible toxic synthetic fertilizers, is a challenging feat. Sometimes I wonder why we go to the trouble. Then I remember all that research about the components of synthetic fertilizer. I think about the studies that show that food grown by the organic method actually does have higher nutrient values than the alternatives. We are not purists. But we do try hard to do what we can to avoid having toxic fertilizers poison our (and our neighbors) water supply. I hope to get some minerals on the land this spring. We will keep throwing our barn manure on the fields. We will make hay this year. I hope. And hopefully in a few years we can look out on the fields and see diverse plantings making our land and animals stronger.

In the meantime, I guess I better call my friend and see if we can borrow a couple of bales of hay til we can buy some from a farmer down the way this afternoon. The trailer has a very flat tire. Hopefully Philip can fix it after he gets back from work this afternoon.

Enjoy the fat flakes if you are getting them! Spring is almost here! It won't last too terribly long.


Tom Atkins said...

I AM enjoying the fat flakes! I wish more were sticking. Winter's last gasp I suppose!

And baby goats! Oh they were make such wonderful photos!

CountryDew said...

Good luck with the hay purchase. I think we might have some for sale - round bales and square bales - you can call if you're interested.

Beth said...

No fat flakes here in the NC mountains---just a cold, winter rain. But I'm glad to have it because it's awfully dry around here. From what I hear, I think spring will return next week. Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the pink blooms on my peach tree.:-)

I'm so glad the baking soda worked for the little goat baby!