Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seasons Change

Seasons change.
People (cows)change.
It has been so long since I found you
but it seems like yesterday.

I want you.
I want to feel you by my side.
I need you.
Don't you know I need you. baby? (lyrics robbed from 80's pop hit by Expose)

Alright. She let me milk her last night. I guess she is over her mad with me. Actually, I think it had more to do with that nice non-GMO, locally grown grain from Sunrise Farm. Perhaps she missed her evening milking snack more than she missed her freedom.

I told her how much I appreciate her hard work producing all that wonderful milk. We discussed her need for a vacation, her need for a date with some big handsome fellow. How it must be rough seeing her kids grown up, wishing for another baby.

Coco will be officially on break pretty soon.

We haven't set a date. It will probably coincide with a visit from our friend's bull. By then we will be in full swing with goat milk production. Priscilla is due to have her calf in late summer then we anticipate the flow of more cream. I love goat milk yogurt. Prefer it to cow's milk. Chevre is a tasty treat. But please don't tell anyone. I can't stand goat milk in my coffee. I am a heavy cream kinda gal. Guess it will be green tea for me for a few months. Sigh.

To everything there is a season...

Speaking of seasons, the fields are waking up! Bright green blades of grass are popping up their heads. The transformation is subtle. I am hearing birds outside in the mornings. Sounds like March. The air is damp and full this morning. The forecast suggests we have rain or snow in the future. Today that doesn't bother me because I have evidence it won't stick around for too long! The flowering trees are swelling with buds. The chickens are laying again. The egg yolks are red orange with all the new grass those girls are getting.

I had better get another cup of locally roasted, organic free-trade Star City coffee with thick cream while opportunity avails. It you want some, you better come over soon!


Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Yes, it appears we are getting snow tonight!

But the days are definitely getting longer--I'm starting to be able to ride after supper!

Yum, heavy cream in coffee is wonderful, isn't it?

Redhen said...

I think it was the begging that worked.