Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

This morning the temperature outside was over 30 degrees! It felt like a balmy tropical day after waking up to 14 degrees for a few days. Right about the time I thought I could endure the cold no more, the weather shifted.

The other day I was moaning and groaning about being cold to the bone. Philip asked me if I had prayed about it, asking for some warmth. I thought about it.


I had been praying for my Indian friends, for my husband, for the kids, for my friends, for our homeschool and church, for our neighbors, but hadn't even considered praying about the cold.

Every year around this time I feel miserable. My Texan bones tell me that it should be 65-80 degrees right now. It makes me grumpy. It makes me grouchy and sluggish. It makes me snappy and irritable.

So I eagerly embraced the thought of praying for some relief.

As the temps crept up to 50degrees yesterday and the sun shone brightly I stretched out my arms and gave the day a big hug.

Today is even warmer.

I know, I know. Spring is not here yet.

Winter still has a few more blasts up her sleeve.

But as we get out and plow and plant today I rejoice in the God who knows my limitations. This little bit of warmth just might get me through to April. I hope everyone out there will remember to throw your requests out to God. You might be happy to know our Creator cares about all things. Even cold grouchy bags of bones!


Anonymous said...

You were right, the temp down here today right now is 85 down on the lake, 89 up here at our house. The apricot tree is blooming. We were 92 yesterday. It sure feels like summer. Trying not to turn on the air cond. It is still Feb. isn't it?
Just wait a couple of days, it is going to be in the 60's and possible frost Sunday night.
I can handle it, like you said, a little warm along really helps.
your Mom way down here in Texas

Beth said...

Thank you, Ginger, for the reminder that God cares about our every need and wants us to make our requests known. I keep trying to remember that!