Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peas and Pigs

What a relief. It is a cool morning.

Last night we had a great thunderstorm. It seemed to be building for days. I got out to pick the garden by 7 something to avoid the heat. Shelled peas in the dark sort of cool house in the heat of the afternoon. It was weird to shell peas all by myself. Usually the kids all help me. A team of 5 or 6 makes quick work of peas that need shelling, corn that needs shucking or beans that need snapping. A rare afternoon. I was alone. With plenty of other tasks calling my name. And a huge basket of peas waiting.

So I sat down and proceeded to shell peas. I thought I would make the time pass by watching a cheese-making dvd. I couldn't get it to work. So I sat and shelled peas. It was almost torturous, having to be still for so long. Then I decided to switch gears. Instead of torture, I tried to consider it an act of meditation. And productive meditation at that. The pile of sugary little green balls of delight grew and grew. The pile of empty shells grew and grew, making a gourmet treat for our goats. I remembered years gone by growing peas, harvesting a cups worth that would divide into 2 tablespoons of fresh peas per person. All those years of wishing we could harvest enough peas for everyone to enjoy. And now, thanks be to God who makes all things grow and makes gardeners plant bigger gardens, we have enough to eat AND put in the freezer.

It was kind of fun shelling peas all by myself. But to tell you the truth, I believe that shelling peas and shucking corn and snapping beans were all designed to be done in community. On a picnic table outside in the shade.

Speaking of thunderstorms, about the time I finished up with the peas I got a phone call from a neighbor. "Are those your pigs over here in our pasture?"

Well, Barbie and Barbie2 found a way to get through the fence to go avisiting. I hiked over to get them. They came to me when I called, and I walked them to our pasture. Apparently they were not ready to come home yet. When our friends brought Patrick home, they mentioned that the pigs were out on the road by our neighbor's house. The sky was darkening and the wind was picking up. I had showered and changed into my cute skirt and shirt, to be ready for Tuesday night ladies Bible study. Patrick got a bucket of grain and off we go for Pig Roundup take 2. I got Barbie to follow me and we head down the road to our house. Patrick herded little pig through the field. A few drops of rain sprinkled our face then the heavens opened. I have never been in such a hard rain, leading a pig down the road, in my cute outfit and fancy sandals. "Here, pig, pig. Come on, Pig, Pig." Then the wind hit and lightning and thunder cracked and boomed through the little valley. "Oh please, God, don't let Patrick get hit by lightning. And BTW, the kids really need me, so please don't let me get killed either!"

By this time, the pig and I are running down the road as fast as we can and she headed straight for the barn. I headed straight for the house and Patrick and I watched the rest of the storm from the front porch. Thanked God for the rain and lightening-so good for the garden. Changed out of our drenched clothes, and welcomed the ladies to our Bible study. The gals told me that there were several trees down on the road out here. Scary.

What an adventure our life is. I hope the pigs do not feel the need for any more adventure. Ever. But if they do, could they please schedule their outing when I am not on my way to church, or when people are on their way over here. Some consideration, please...


Debbie Millman said...

glad to hear of a little relief from the heat...even if you did get soaked.


Redhen said...

Ain't farm life zany some days? At least it's not boring.

Julie said...

Sure wish I could see how everyone's growing. Our lavendar guineas are running all over the place with their chickie mommas, not respecting fences either. It is actually funny to see them running straight through the fence without even pausing.
We are finally getting rain too and the flowers are going nuts. We have started with the invasion of the Japanese Beetles, so it feels like summer is officially here.
So far, no peas or any other beans for me. Lettuce and spinach have done well enough for me to enjoy single portions for myself. Miss you guys! Will just show up at your place at some point, I'm sure.