Thursday, June 5, 2008

June? Feels like August.

It is soooo hot. Sticky. Miserable. Hard to move hot. I wish I had an air mattress. I would sleep outside tonight.

As we finished up the dishes last night, Maggie grabbed me.

"Come outside, Mom! They're back!"

We went out to the deck and pulled up a chair. Fireflies flickered all along the trees on the ridge and around the creek. We quietly chatted and enjoyed the miracle of fireflies. I heard a voice inside calling for mom. Grinned at Maggie and told her that as I was off duty, we would play like we heard nothing. Philip covered for me.

I am grateful for summer; hot, sticky, full of sparkling magical fairy dust fireflies. And Maggie to remind me to stop and enjoy them.


CountryDew said...

It is *very* warm for June. I hope it doesn't portend a very hot (and far too dry) summer.

Julie said...

Had a carful of kids (Two little friends sleeping over ) and my husband transfixed last night on our way home when I told them that I'd been seeing fireflies. One little kid " What are fire flies? What makes them glow?" Rounding the driveway, there they were- up in the trees, over the garden and over the field. Been suffering so much in this heat, in the pool every day to survive. But so glad to finally have the fireflies back.