Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Therapy!

Some people use Roundup on noxious weeds. Sometimes I wonder why I don't! Weeds are amazing. As we pulled weeds this afternoon, the kids delved into some wonderful philosophical discussions. Why do flowers and vegetable plants typically die if you cut them off at the ground, but weeds seem to thrive? What would our world look like if all our garden plants just grew out there in the pasture, without any intervention on our part, and all we had to do was go out there and pick them? Why does dock and thistle and nettle need so little effort to spread everywhere?

We made some great progress in the weed department and it was wonderful working together. We also picked and shelled almost 5 lbs of peas, and a bag of sugar snap peas and a nice bunch of lettuce. Green beans are 2 inches long. We are so excited. Cherries are black. Zucchini is almost ready to pick. Someone thought my rhubarb plant was dock, and whacked it down, so I gathered rhubarb and will cook it tonight.

It keeps threatening to rain, so I went out and collected the laundry. Was frustrated with something, and found myself with shovel, whacking more dock. As the whacks grew a bit more violent, I realized I was working out something. I surrendered to the shovel and within minutes had a huge section of the humongous weed eliminated. And felt much better. Endorphins released, I brought in the laundry, started another load, and felt like I had surrendered another one. Maybe one could postulate that organic gardening is good stress management. Just give it a try next time you are tempted to open your big mouth! ( I tell myself, hoping that myself will listen!)


Mind Body Shop said...

Nothing is more important than the person inside. Therapy exits for the person inside; it has no other purpose.

CountryDew said...

Weed whacking therapy, huh. Sounds like a plan!

One Day At A Time said...

Hi, Ginger! I'm just catching up on your blog. I started one recently because everyone else was doing it. ;) I like this post, I always say hard labor is good for the heart!