Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Always Knew He Loved Me, but a Reminder is Pretty Nice! Or "Apricots"

This spring we noticed a smallish tree in the backyard had blooms.  We assumed it was an ornamental.  Pretty, but no substance.

As temperatures rose, we noticed small green balls hanging from the branches of this little tree next to the gazebo.  Not peaches.  Not apples or pears. 

What could they be?

A couple of weeks ago the little fruits began to blush.  A rosy blush like the afternoon sunset.  A sweet little blush, warm and orange.  We took a nibble of the unripe fruit and made our discovery.


I have always wished for an apricot tree. 

For Thomas's graduation party I made fresh apricot tarts, with our favorite french recipe.  (Thanks, Mom for pitting and halving!)  We have eaten them fresh, right of the tree.  We have discovered that we sure do like the ones that are almost ripe, but not quite, because they are like sweet tarts.

The plan is to pick them all tomorrow and take them with us to Mom and Daddy's.  I will make jam and apricot jalapeno jelly.  Mom will hopefully make apricot fried pies.  Have I ever told you about apricot fried pies?  Shucks.  Guess the diet will start AFTER the apricot fried pies. 

Thank you, God for apricots!  And for the Turners, for planting that tree all those years ago.  I feel loved!

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