Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Going Back to Move Forward

We have been running a marathon here in Alpine.  What with end of school activities for five kids, running a bakery, managing a property in Virginia, working on getting financing for our home here in Texas, graduation, college plans, etc, etc, I have been setting aside the non-essentials.

Blogging would have to be considered a non-essential.

So I feel rusty and a bit blocked up.  Bear with me, and maybe if I can get back in to the practice, things won't be so choppy.  I admire those of you who edit!!! 

We are heading to Mom and Daddy's tomorrow, HOPEFULLY, and after a couple of days there, the truck should drive east toward my sister's and then to Virginia.  It is time to empty out the attic and the rest of the bookshelves.  We plan on taking the farm off the market to lease out for a couple of years.  We all eagerly anticipate spending time with our VA friends.  And I begin to pray for us all, especially the kids, as I remember how much pain I felt back in January upon stepping foot on the farm.  I hope it won't be more than the kids can bear. 

But in the meantime, road trip, here we come. 

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Truthseeker said...

Congratulations to your Thomas on his graduation. As I read your entry of Special Olympics, I couldn't help but think of my Down Syndrome brother who came to live with the 5 of us after my folks died. Moving him up here from TX was a big adjustment for him...and for all of us. It meant sacrifices on everyone's part. He is now almost 56 yrs. old and beginning to fail. That population is much more susceptible to Alzheimer's & dementia than the 'normal' population. He enjoyed the Spec. Olympics for YEARS and this year is the first time he hasn't participated that I can remember. I'm trying to treasure each day as I can see the preparation for him to go to his forever home.

I do hope you're all able to enjoy your trip back here to VA and you were able to get some of the COOL weather we had. This weekend is supposed to be miserable, but then...you're coming from TX, so it won't be as much of a shock. That IS something I don't miss much...that TX heat! I'm sure the trip back to your farm will cause some sadness and grieving, but hopefully it will bring some wonderful memories, too! God Bless!