Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wind, Wind, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Howling, scowling, the wind is back.

Ladies came over for our Bible study tonight and we had scary wind noise as the background music. Fires blazed, but a little chill crept in around the edges anyway. Those gals are such good sports. We drank our hot tea and caught up with each other. Patrick introduced one of the women to Mary, the new heifer. All the ladies oohed and aaahed over my bedroom transformation and laughed when I told them how I threw deconstruction debris out the window.

I am so thankful for the relationships we have built here on this farm. Those ladies have paused Bible study to go watch me deliver baby goats. They have prayed for cows with mastitis. They ignore kitchen disasters involving canning and jam making. Well, they don't really ignore, they usually pick up a washcloth and jump in and help me finish what I am in the middle of.

These ladies allow one another to be real. And true. And honest. I just have to say I am grateful for my friends. The ones who come here for Bible study. Tonight we didn't do much Bible study, but I know we covered really important stuff. (I am also grateful for those friends who never talk Bible with me, but love me anyway!)

Friends on the farm help me know we will make it through, no matter how hard and long the wind blows.

Now I better run put some more logs on the fire. Thankful also for friends who gave us so much wood for the winter!

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Chris said...

This cold is becoming a trial. Thankful for firewood and friends here too. I would go out in the cold to see baby Mary.