Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow is Falling Tonight

Today was a lovely Monday.

Busy with barn work, housework, business work, me picking up our nearly 2000 lb order from Dutch Valley, people picking up their orders of grain and other ingredients from me, phone calls, attic work, laundry.

My favorite part of the day was when I headed out to do some barn cleanup all by myself. There are days when I want to be with everyone, working together, and then days like today. Washing down manure, raking up hay, cleaning out water troughs felt like meditation.

Quiet. Peace. Sometimes I forget that our barn is one of my very favorite things. As I wheeled the load of manure out to the compost pile in the garden I smiled as I wished hopeful thoughts about our spring garden. The day was so mild (low 40's) it was hard not to dream about gardening. It felt like winter wasn't interminable.

Of course, I didn't get my hopes up too much. We are in Virginia now, not Texas, and springtime has a ways to go before she gets here. As I type, a thick snow is falling, quietly blanketing the farm. After such a productive day, I feel much more equipped for another round of winter. But wouldn't it be nice if spring came a little earlier this year than last? I would love to be planting peas and onions and spinach.


Anji said...

Your life sounds busy. How do you find the time to blog? I hope there isn't too much snow for you.

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Tom Atkins said...

That is exactly how I see snow, as God's peace enforced on us. It's part of what I am loving about my move to Vermont.