Monday, January 10, 2011

Still in the Grips

We are still in the grips of the miserable cold. Not much to write about since it seems all we are doing is bringing in wood and feeding the fire. Not that I am complaining! I am so thankful for the massive pile of wood and our woodstove. The house is nice and toasty right now, the wind is not howling, and the purported snow may be passing us by.

Sorry, kids, looks like there won't be a snow day tomorrow. But since we cancelled our other evening activities tonight, in case of bad roads, I was able to make a veggie stir fry, help get Maggie situated with civics homework, listen to Nora read and help Rose practice for the spelling bee. A nice little gift of margin.

Sometimes, like this evening, milking doesn't offer me poetry or spiritual insight. It just has to be done. However, I did make a point of smelling Coco's nice coat, essence of hay, clover and grass. A note of sunshine offering hope. She is one sweet smelling cow. I am glad to have milk streaming into the house. Not too much, since we want to make sure Mary gets a good start. But enough to notice kids' dairy consumption has increased about 100%. Enough to inspire me to take the Ricki Carroll Home Cheesemaking book to bed last night to review and dream and hope that this might be the year of the camembert. Or cheddar. Or manchego.

If nothing more, looks like yogurt will be happening this week and butter next. Maybe some fromage blanc for omelets. And if I get the mill tuned up and ready to grind wheat and spelt, plenty of milk will go into Milk and Honey bread.

Thank you, God for Coco!

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MFT CEUs said...

Yummmm....thanks for the inspiration