Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Perspective

I remember many times in my childhood my mom would get a notion and a few hours later the furniture would be completely rearranged.

We had little to zero money for interior decorating, but Mom, being a professional artist, would creatively change things up to give everyone a fresh perspective.

This morning I woke up exhausted and drained. Again. Thought I might be coming down with a cold so I called my friend and cancelled our barn cleanup. Drank some tea, read the Psalms for the day and took a nap.

During my naptime, I prayed for inspiration, something, anything to get me out of this slump. After a cup of coffee and some food, inspiration struck me. It was time to reaarange my bedroom.

Our bedroom had a closet jutting out into the middle of the room which made furniture settings rather limited. It also cut out a lot of light. Philip and I had wished to knock it out for over five years, but never got around to it.

I decided that if I waited for the Christmas decorations to be completely put away, the laundry to be finished and the paperwork caught up, I might never begin. So I emptied the closet of all clothes and shoes and other odds and ends, threw everything on the bed, grabbed a hammer and a maul and got to work.

Twelve hours later, I can barely move. A hot epsom salt bath is waiting for me. I just took some ibuprofen.

And I have a new room in which to sleep. And a completely new attitude.

I yanked, banged, ripped and threw all the sheet rock and framing boards out my bedroom window onto the deck. It was very hard work. I decided that even if there were many things in my life I couldn't change, the closet wasn't one of them. Many things require patience, trust, grace and longsuffering. Tearing out a closet doesn't.

I set the Pandora Radio on Fernando Ortega, and comforting hymns with piano and guitar comforted me as I threw all my angst into very hard, messy work. Maybe others would think that sweet music about how much God loves me is strange accompaniment to grunts and heave ho's and hammering and screeching nails.

It seemed perfect to me.

The head of the bed is in the closet (what formerly was the closet.) My new writing spot is on the other side of the room. Bookshelf is flip flopped.

I feel a bit more in control of my life (well, at least my bedroom) and joy-filled. Much happier than this morning. I feel loved. Cared for.

And sore and ready for a nice hot bath.


Anonymous said...

Yep, did that very thing just last week, had to sweep up pecans mess that your Dad made in the living room so I moved all the furniture and swept, now everything is in a new spot. Good therapy. Tearing out the closet was good for you.
Nothing like some good ole hard work to make things better for a little while, as well as make you hurt all over. You'll get over that. love you, Mom

Polly said...

My mom used to do the same thing!!!

A fresh perspective really can help so much--and I'm in awe of your accomplishment!!!

Anonymous said...

See there, I am not that weird after all. Mom

Chris said...

Good for you! Hope your body feels good again soon.

Tall,and Grey, and Chuckling said...

iforyYou flip me out! When things get you down, you come at them from a whole new angle and "whammo"! All is well in Honeyland again. Well it will be after oley takes you away. Rest and soak well, and let tomorrow bring what it will.

Webbs said...

Wow. Kudos, sweetheart!!!!! I was supposed to help you with that job! I want my previous plans back, full of opportunity to spend time with you. But will have to hope that God can bring me there in good time.

I am SO happy that you were finally able to tackle the closet!